About This Project

Non Cresce l’ erba ( The Grass doesn’t grow) is the first experiment of airing directly online in 13 episodes, 15 minutes long. It engrossed such a wide audience that MTV decided to make an edited version of 6 episodes, 25 minutes long.

It won the USSI award ( Italian Sport press Union 2012) and was chosen for the Rome Web Fest 2013


The series tells the story of Danilo, who supports a soccer team involved in the 2011 Football betting scandal that gets relegated to Serie B after a championship of lost games.

Danilo has a bit of Forrest Gump and a bit of Don Quixote in him. He goes looking for the players of his team, the fake heroes he’d believed in who have now moved to other towns after the relegation season.

Disillusioned, feeling betrayed, mad at himself for not having realized what was happening, Danilo travels for more than 12.000 km around Italy with the goal of getting the players of his team to explain to him why they sold the games off.

Those who cheated, have to tell him to his face.