About This Project

Project selected for the Apulia Film Forum 2019

A co production with Fluid Productions


The creators of Italian Sud Est ( Italian South East) and of La Guerra dei Cafoni ( The War of the Boorish) go back to Salento to tell- with their unique narrative style- one of the most serious phytosanitary emergencies of our time.

The xylella bacteria, that since 2013 has already killed millions of olive trees, keeps on expanding, changing the economy, redesigning collective identity, creating new conflicts on the everchanging line between science and ideas.

Walking us on this journey is Werner Waas, an outsider who is emotionally involved. He’s a German actor and playwright very attached to Salento that struggles to understand how it is that people who speak the same language, even the same dialect, have stopped understanding each other and why it’s so hard to find a common answer to such an urgent and shared problem.

The plant disease Xylella becomes a perspective to tell the story of the tensions of Italy today and observe the analogies with the Coronavirus pandemic.