About This Project

Five weeks of shooting completed in Puglia, in Monopoli and Bari in 2013.

Dinamo Film ran the organization of the movie with its production staff and handled the scouting, casting of smaller roles and all the facilities


The movie.

In a Puglia town caught in a financial crisis provoked by Bontempi, the most important business in

the area, there’s the arrival in town of a burlesque company, the “Dyvettes”. It’s run by Mimì LaPetite, Giuliana Bontempi’ s stage name, who happens to also be the daughter of the owner of Bontempi.

She comes back to her hometown after more than twenty years to sell the family property so she can get back to her own business. When the other dancers realize that Giuliana isn’t able to keep up with her commitments, they steal her car and leave her with little money.

She’s forced to find a solution and decides to replace them with some of the girls from town to whom she quickly teaches the secrets of her art.

The group achieves incredible success until they’re hired by a local television to run a talent contest on burlesque.

Soon enough, the main characters will realize that this is not a world they want to be a part of.