Azzurra Martino

azzurra martino

Azzurra has studied at Acting Studio in Rome and has worked as casting director of the feature film “Pane e Burlesque”, directed by Manuela Tempesta, produced by Italian International Film. She has also managed the casting of minor characters for feature films such as “Cento metri dal paradiso”, directed by Raffaele Verzillo and produced by Scripta and Rai Cinema; “Buona giornata”, directed by Carlo Vanzina, produced by International Video 80; “Ci vediamo domani”, directed by Andrea Zaccariello, produced by Smile Production; “Il venditore di medicine”, directed by Antonio Morabito, produced by Classic; “Anche no”, directed by Alessio De Leonardis, and the TV movie “La mia bella famiglia italiana”, directed by Olaf Kreinsen, co-produced by Rai Fiction and Dog’s Life. She has collaborated on the casting for music video clips like “Kurious” by Sinner, directed by Luca La Vopa and “Ho visto un mondo” by R. Lattieri, directed by Claudio D’Elia and for many commercials such as “We are in Puglia”, created by Puglia Promozione and Nikon.

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