“Una meravigliosa stagione fallimentare”: the trailer is online

A docufilm about the 2013/2014 season of Bari Football Club and the first “happy” failure in times of crisis. A “failure” enthusiastically welcomed by supporters and seen as a rebirth for their beloved team. Directed by Mario Bucci and produced by Dinamo Film, with the contribution of Apulia Film Commission through the Regional Fund, “Una
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“Stanno i baresi”: work in progress

Dinamo Film is currently working on “Stanno i baresi” (provisional title), directed by Mario Bucci and produced by Dinamo Film. This film is meant as the final chapter of a trilogy about the recent events of Bari football club, whose first and second chapters are “U mègghie paìse” and the web/TV series “Where no grass grows”.
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Y lab – Workshop on Videomhacking

Alessandro Balena is the project manager of Y lab, a workshop on videomhacking supported by Dinamo Film and Associazione Inuit. “Videomhacking” is a neologism which describes the interaction between hacking, technological innovation and digital storytelling aimed to transform the way we tell stories through the video. The workshop will take place in the Baronial Castle of
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Casting calls

Dinamo Film is casting roles for many national and international projects. Right now we are looking for the following: – single men with farming skills (leading role in a TV show); – young and beautiful women for a national feature film; – men and women of all ages and noble-looking, with PALE/LIGHT complexion as minor
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Sinner’s new MV: “Thinking of You”

Dinamo Film handled the executive production of Sinner’s much-awaited MV “Thinking of You”, which was released on April 9th. Watch the latest video of Apulia’s most eclectic artist!

Esce il 29 aprile “Il venditore di medicine”

Già premiato da pubblico e critica al Bif&st, martedì 29 aprile esce nelle sale italiane il film inchiesta di Antonio Morabito “Il venditore di medicine”, di cui Dinamo Film è produttore associato ed esecutivo. Storia coraggiosa e controversa di un informatore scientifico disposto a sacrificare il proprio senso etico per mantenere il proprio status sociale
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