filming in apulia

further advantages for foreign producers

Foreign production companies choosing to film in Apulia will be eligible to benefit from the Italian tax credit as well as from the financial support offered by the Apulia Film Commission Foundation.

AFC offers the following forms of funding:

AFC International Film Fund provides grants up to 15% of the overall production costs in Apulia. Maximum limit of 200.000 €

AFC Hospitality Fund covers travel expenses (hotels, restaurants, means of transportation). Maximum limit of 200.000 €

A tangible example.
If a foreign producer decides to incur 60% of the production costs of his 2 million euros budget movie in Italy, 50% of which he will incur in Apulia, this would be his financial scenario:

Initial Budget | 2.000.000 €

Italian Tax Credit | 500.000 €
25% of 2.000.000 €

AFC International Fund | 150.000 €
15% of 1.000.000 €

AFC Hospitality Fund | 150.000 €
hypothesizing a cost of € 250.000 for hospitality in Apulia

Total | 2.800.000 euro
40% of the initial budget