Where no grass grows

Web-series on the road

Directed by Mario Bucci
Produced by Dinamo Film/Trecentosessantunogradi Comunicazione

Artistic Cast
Danilo:  Danilo Dell’Olio, in his own shoes.  He’s neither an actor, nor a journalist. He is just a supporter with the Bari’s scarf around his neck,  his doubts and his questions.

“Where no grass grows” is an independent production by Dinamo Film – Produzioni Fuoriserie and 361° Comunicazione.
This series is the first production experiment by Dinamo Film, conceived when the match-fixing scandal was but a pale shadow on Italian football. Since its first upload on the web in April 2012, and then week after week until its thirteenth episode, it has gathered an enormous success and it has become one of the most loved web series in Italy. Episode after episode, an increasingly wider audience has had the possibility to interact with the production on the subject matters of the series.

The series tells the story of Danilo, a Bari supporter frustrated by match fixing allegations. He feels deceived, betrayed and fed up after seeing his European dream disappear, just as his team seemed one step away from making it for the first time. Halfway between Forrest Gump and Don Quixote, Danilo leaves in search of the protagonists and false heroes in whom he used to believe. His aim is to hear the truth from them face to face.
Whoever has cheated must tell him face to face.

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Technical Cast
Executive producer Ivan D’Ambrosio
Production manager Luigia Marino
Production coordinator Serena Specchio
Production assistant Francesco Cucci
Editor Gianluca Frisario
Assistant editors Alessia Scatigno, Viola Piccininni
Cameramen Marco Gernone, Daniela Baldasarre, Alessandro Specchio
Mix Renato Minichelli
Colour correction Massimo Modugno
Opening sequence Giancarlo D’Incognito
Subtitles Amanda Kastrati

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