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RomaninaDirected by Lello Petrone, Teresa Monaco
Produced by Dinamo Film
Filmed in Volturino (FG) – Bologna

1968. Volturino di Foggia. A small rural village inhabited by a few hundred people in northern Apulia. A beautiful, mysterious woman steps down from the bus, ready to shock the town’s life forever. Her name is Romano Cecconi, but the people will just call her Romanina.
The movie retraces the story of one of the first men ever to change sex, in the year that would mark the beginning of huge political and cultural changes. Banished and forced to live in the small village with the accusation of being a danger to society, Romanina learns the customs and traditions of a place which is radically different from her world. By welcoming her and living with her, Volturino experiences its own unique revolution on the margins of the world’s uprisings.

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Technical crew
Line Producer Ivan D’ambrosio
Administrator Gianfranco Parisi
DOP Luca La Vopa
Sound Engineer Renato Minichelli
Editing Gianluca Frisario, Luca La Vopa