“Una meravigliosa stagione fallimentare”: the trailer is online

A docufilm about the 2013/2014 season of Bari Football Club and the first “happy” failure in times of crisis. A “failure” enthusiastically welcomed by supporters and seen as a rebirth for their beloved team.

Directed by Mario Bucci and produced by Dinamo Film, with the contribution of Apulia Film Commission through the Regional Fund, “Una meravigliosa stagione fallimentare”, is the final step of a trilogy based on the producers passion for the red&white team and its ups and downs. The idea for this story has its origin in a simple, yet inspiring, fact: football in Bari is everything but normal.

“Una meravigliosa stagione fallimentare” tells a story experienced by the entire city during the last football season, unique and unforgettable. A story made of chance circumstances, where the unpredictable just…happens.

This movie is about a city, hurt by the scandal of illegal football pools, and a team without a club; it’s about a failure, about fundraising to pay away games. It’s about the viral campaign named #compratelabari.

This is a movie about an extraordinary come back, from the 17th to the 7th position in the league table, two bankruptcy sales gone wasted, a new ownership. Finally, the playoffs, when the team went out although they’d never lost a game. Three years ago, nobody wanted to be in the shoes of a Bari supporter. Today everyone wants to be part of this story.

The movie will be released in Bari and Apulia movie theatres by the end of January; then, there will be screenings in Milano, Torino, Roma, Bologna and Trieste. The release dates will be announced during the press conference at Apulia Film Commission.