A Noi

Short film

a-noiDirected by Fabio Di Credico and Tommy Di Bari
Executive production for Mec Produzioni
Cast Mingo De Pasquale
Location Bari

A ramshackle tramp walks around an underground station at night. He is visibly drunk, has a bottle in his hand and sways in dizziness. After a moment of hesitation, he climbs down the stairs. A lady, disgusted by the view of him, walks away. Suddenly three skinheads appear: their faces and clothes leave nothing in doubt, as they wear military shirts with swastikas, Celtic crosses and heavy boots. The three guys walk threatening towards the hobo, who is sitting in the empty space: it looks like violence is about to explode when a plot twist turns everything upside down, changing the meaning of the situation and of the entire film. Nothing is what it appears to be!

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Technical Crew
Line producer Lello Petrone
Location manager Luigia Marino
DOP Luca lavopa
Assistant Director Alessandro Specchio
Set designer Mattia Lorusso
Costume designer Angela Tomassicchio
Casting of minor roles Azzurra Martino