Child K

Short Film 

Directed by Vito Palumbo and Roberto De Feo
Co-production Dinamo Film and Colorado Film
Cast Lorenzo Patané, Charlotte Sara Verny, Ralph Palka

Filmed in Celenza Valfortore (Foggia) in August 2013

Pommsen, Saxony, 1937. Based on a true story. Richard and Lina Kretschmar, two young married farmers, live in a small house on the German hills. Their only wish is to have a son and the moment seems to have arrived: Lina is gripped by labour pains, but the child is stillborn. The unbearable pain leaves a deeper mark on Richard, tormenting and pursuing him until Lina finds out she is pregnant again. The woman, trembling and teary-eyed, tells her husband about this miracle which unfortunately turns out to be an illusion. The little Gerhard is born with the burden of a severe deformity; his tiny body lacks one arm and one leg. Richard’s dreams are shattered; the Kretschmars will not have their strong heir.
Everything seems to be returning to normal when one night, in the grip of anguish, the man decides to write a painful, tragic letter which will change the future of humanity. 

Technical crew
Assistant Director Nicola Scorza
Second Assistent Director Davide Signorelli
Continuity person Laura Biagiotti
Backstage Oana Andreea
Line Producer Lello Petrone
Production Manager Luigia Marino
Production Assistant Danilo Dell’Olio
Coordinator Rosita D’Oria
Runner Silvia Nitti
DOP Federico Annichiarico
Steady Operator Diego Allegro
Assistant Operator Matteo Rea
Second Assistant Operator Alessandro Balena
Sound Engineer/Boom Operator Renato Minichelli
Costume Designer Sabrina Beretta
Assistant Costume Designer Angela Tomasicchio
Make up Nina Labus
Set Designer Marta Marrone
Assistant Set Designer Mattia Lorusso
Propman Vito Sabini
Grip Andrea Sbarro
Gaffer Sergio Rossi
Electrician Antonio Chionna
Generator Driver Marco Rossi
Driver Fabio Fanfarulli
Casting Azzurra Martino

with the support of
mibacapulia film commission